New paths into anthroposophy

We show you different ways so that you can use the deepest insights of anthroposophy to shape your own life.

We work here with companions and lecturers in such a way that the essence of anthroposophy can be experienced in a feeling way.

We explore the question of how "living thinking" and "heart" can be stimulated without dogma. It is not about piling up factual knowledge.

Our target audience is .... we don't have a target audience! We create the content in a way that suits us personally and that we find coherent. What we can see from feedback is that people of different ages and backgrounds feel addressed. People who were born into an anthroposophical environment, and also people who have only recently embarked on the journey of discovery.

We develop our formats according to demand and respond to new impulses. If you have a request for a new format or a new project, or if you would like to get involved in ongoing formats, please contact us here:

Also feel free to use the comments section, so your suggestions can be shared with other people. Because the comments section appears in search engines, feel free to use synonyms for your name.

François, 13 December 2021

32 thoughts on “Neue Wege in die Anthroposophie”

  1. Dear friends of the side exercises!

    Perhaps you feel as I do that the impulses from the Wednesday evenings not only enrich the side exercises themselves, but also the encounters and the co-experience of the group participants become beautiful encounters of the soul.

    And who knows, maybe someday and somewhere completely unexpected we will uncover the true secret of the side exercises...

    Until then, it's: After Wednesday night is before Wednesday night 🙂

    Best regards, Frank

  2. Thank you for the page.
    The link to Anthro World "... deepest secrets of anthroposophy" seems a bit lurid to me.
    Does anthroposophy have secrets?
    Is it not rather a matter of disclosing what was once ocular?
    Perhaps a " ... profound insights of anthroposophy" would do as well.

    with kind thoughts

    Michael Albert

      1. Dear Team!
        The reference to Anthro-Wiki seems unchanged to me.
        There the "deepest secrets of anthroposophy" had struck me.

        All love

        Michael Albert

        1. Dear Michael,

          Thank you very much for your very close look. It makes sense what you say... Wolfgang has now also adapted it on


  3. Dear François,

    I think I speak on behalf of many when I thank you for the professional, thoughtful and present way you run and Wolfgang Peter's lectures every Tuesday!

    To the above and to yesterday's forty-eighth Apocalypse lecture, a haiku (with five strokes) of mine fits:

    I want me!
    If I want me, I'll embrace the whole world!
    Conscious love joyfully accepts the burden and hardship!
    I can experience that freedom is calling!

    All love

  4. Good day,
    did the PdF reading circle stop with episode 11?
    or perhaps taken a break?

  5. Dear ones, how and where can I listen to the other lectures on the apocalypse? I'm on part 23, I can't find them on Youtube and I can't find them here either?
    With warm greetings
    Dorothea Schmidt

  6. Hello dear team. Now I'm getting in touch with you here in the "hermetic" space. It's good to have catacombs. Thank God we don't have to go to the lion arena any more. Thanks to Christ, we are protected in spiritual catacombs. Hopefully the world will soon understand...
    Dear François, if I go to the 'Dotti', I'll get in touch with you. Is the book - you mentioned it once - by Manfred Klett finished? I would also like to meet him in person... Can I meet him at the Dottenfelderhof?
    And to you, dear Mr Wolfgang Peter - I'll leave out the doctor for once - I have the greatest respect for your gift of presenting the anthroposophical cause in such a precise, comprehensible and emotional way. It is not easy, I know, but I still have to be silent. I must stoke the embers within me still more. "Stoke the embers, stoke them well... etc.... on pure hearth knowledge become" You know the words well....I heard them 30 years ago from Karl Rössel Maidan.... And you too....
    And what you have set up with Anthrowiki is almost unbelievable! My regular irregular financial contributions never don't match it. Also, this way I always have the GA library close to my heart - in the breast pocket of my shirt- In my heart anywayo....
    I haven't followed all the episodes of the Apocalypse cycle but thanks to François's beautiful editing they are there.
    This is how we "wipe one out" of the technical entity and redeem it a bisserl....
    I will be visiting Anthroworld more often and wish you every success in the further development and expansion!
    Yours, Helfried Schweiger, ffriedl

  7. Good day Mr Peter,

    I follow your lectures attentively.
    In Berlin, in the Rudolf Steiner House, we also had a reading circle on the Apocalypse of John many years ago.
    We worked our way back then:

    When the seals are opened, the four horses appear.
    The white horse represents the I.
    The fiery red horse the soul.
    The black horse the etheric body.
    The pale horse the physical body.
    The good and the bad deeds of human beings - from the time of the seven churches - come to light when the seals are opened, first in the ego, then in the soul, then in the etheric body and then in the body. Therefore, after the opening of the first four seals, there will be a visibly good and evil "race" in humanity. A person's good and bad deeds will be visible on every human body.
    Richard Wagner's statement from Parsifal becomes true in the period of the seven seals: "Time becomes space here". Everything that happened in the time of the seven churches will become visible in space in the period of the seven seals.

    The attainment of the human being by spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man:
    Spiritual self is attained through meditation of the class lesson, praying in the Christian community and painting pictures.
    Spirit of life is attained through speech formation and song.
    Spiritual man is attained through eurythmy.
    The tenth, eleventh and twelfth Hierarchies emerge from humanity - nine angelic Hierarchies already exist. The tenth hierarchy then developed above all the spirit self, the eleventh hierarchy then developed above all the life spirit and the twelfth hierarchy then developed above all the spirit man.
    Thus - together with the nine angelic hierarchies - the twelve tribes of the New Jerusalem are complete.

    These are the thoughts we came up with back then in Berlin.

    Greeting from R. Hamm

  8. Dear Mr Hagedorn

    Since I regularly watch Dr. Wolgang Peter's videos about the apocalypse, I would like to donate.
    My question: Do I get a donation receipt? The donations are sent to an email with the name eva@odysee....
    This sounds a bit suspicious to me, since I would like to donate to Mr. Peter or to the Anthrowiki.
    Thank you for your reply.

    With kind regards
    Claudia Caduff

    1. Dear Ms Caduff,
      Thank you very much for your willingness to donate! The email address eva@odysee... is reserved exclusively for donations to AnthroWiki and my lectures. I will gladly send you a donation receipt.

      With best regards
      Wolfgang Peter

  9. Dear Wolfgang!
    Unfortunately I can't be there on Tuesday (Zweig). But I can't find your 29th episode either. Youtube only shows episode 23. I can't find it on this page either. Is there a PASSWORD or some other trick I don't know?
    Kind regards Renate

    1. Dear Renate,

      Episode 29. can be found in right at the top of Wolfgang's lectures. I had once heard of problems finding it in another case, that was because a link or bookmark from the previous week was used. So, just go and have a look on foot.


  10. I would like to tell you about my way to Anthroposophy, because I am alone in my whole environment and I do not belong to the Anthoposophical Society. 30 years ago I was preoccupied with the spiritual world, my cousin, a member of the Anthroposophical Society, sent me books by Rudolf Steiner and explained some things to me at personal meetings.I read the books, but did not really understand them, but inwardly I felt connected and had reverence for the works of Rudolf Steiner, which I had not yet discovered. Again and again I tried to find a way, only when I was able to listen to lectures, was I able to absorb what was written, which is now working in me and especially the lectures of Dr. Wolfgang Peter, his lively way of lecturing, which helps me a lot.

    1. Dear Anja,

      I can very well understand that access to the A. bridges are needed. My personal bridge is certain people. When I notice that the A. works in them or is expressed in an effective way, then that is nourishing and fulfilling and then reading with primary texts is almost child's play (I exaggerate). No, reading is never easy, but a lively way of speaking like Wolfgang's can warm you up and get you going. You feel somehow connected. Doesn't it? LG Francois

  11. I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart it gives me so much to listen to the lectures of Dr. Wolfgang Peter and to be there I can really feel it it is a great gripping not to describe also listening to it is great but not comparable I am looking forward to the next lecture and thank you also to the people in the background who make this transmission possible

  12. Dear fellow human beings, interested in the human wisdom that we are, that lives within us! I have also been interested in it for many years and have found a way: the combination of conscious movement and moving awareness. I have developed this over the last 21 years here in southern Brazil. On my homepage there is a page in German. You can read more about it there, if you are curious.
    Best wishes to all!

    1. Dear Margrethe, nice of you to get in touch! Here on the topic of eurythmy will also be in the future. Before I personally got to know eurythmy about 4 years ago, I brought with me in-depth experience from martial arts. What amazed me was that from the very first steps and movements of eurythmy, which I performed myself, I was immediately aware that something "deep" or "high" or whatever was being expressed in it. In any case, definitely something alive. And directly. In this respect I am very curious to learn more about your experiences and developments. Please let me hear from you again.
      Many greetings, Francois

    2. Dear Margrethe,
      I have just visited your website and read what you write about eurythmy as the art of the New Man. That it needs a new living thinking as a spiritual background, as it can be trained together through the work with Rudolf Steiner's philosophy of freedom. You are speaking from my soul with this. How often have I had to see eurythmy performances in which only the old intellectual thinking is in the background and thus the rhythm of movement emanates centrally from the head and not, as it should, from the heart. Even if all the movements are done "exactly according to the textbook" - in the end they seem dead. They do not have a healing, invigorating effect, but hurt in the heart. The really living eurythmic movement needs the living movement in the inner being, which springs from the heart-thought practised with perseverance and patience. Thank you for expressing this so clearly!
      With warm regards,
      Wolfgang Peter

  13. I have been studying the apocalypse for two years and would be interested to hear Mr Peter's lectures further.

  14. As I cannot be there live today, I would like to wish you a good time and I am looking forward to tomorrow or the day after tomorrow when I can "re-listen" to Dr Wolfgang Peter's lecture.
    Kind regards

  15. Dear Mr Hagedorn,
    Thank you very much for making Mr Peter's lectures available. After 50 hours of "online training" on the apocalypse, I have "gone to pieces" Looking upwards, I am tackling a project for which I urgently need spiritual support.
    Do you think it would be possible to present my idea to you and Mr Wolfgang Peter? I just want to get your perspective on my project.
    Many thanks
    Hans-Peter Ullrich - further west -

    1. Dear Hans-Peter,

      I hope "you" is also ok. Well, what can I say, I don't know what the topic is yet? Just send me an email with your contact details to the mailing address in the imprint. Then I will get in touch with you. Have a nice evening and best regards, Francois

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